Banking Laws

  • Preferred.
  • Subordinated.
  • Floor clauses.
  • Swaps.
  • Values.
  • Loans.
  • Factoring, leasing, renting, confirming, credit cards.
  • Mortgage and consumer finance.

Marriage Laws

  • Separations and divorces by mutual agreement and disputes.
  • Enforcement of judgments: the claim for payment of alimony, the alimony or other measures taken by mutual agreement or by decision, and visitation.
  • Preconvivenciales premarital agreements.
  • Advice on matrimonial and marriage contracts.
  • Annulments ecclesiastical tribunals.
  • Adoption and foster care.
  • Disabilities.
  • Paternity. Determination or appeal.
  • Affiliation and custody.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of matrimonial.

Inheritance Laws �?? Last Will and Inheritances

  • Last will.
  • Acceptance of inheritance.
  • Death certificates.
  • Declaration of judicial and notarial heirs.
  • Partition of heritage.
  • Negotiation of heritage.

Real Estate LAW

  • Leases, purchase, arras.
  • Division of the commonplace.
  • Weaknesses-constructive.
  • Claims unpaid.
  • Planning.

Civil Laws

  • Contractes.
  • Obligations to do or not do.
  • Contracts.
  • Claims for payment.
  • Claim compensation, tort liability (accidents, injuries).
  • Arras, purchase, acknowledgments of debt.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Leases.
  • Evictions.
  • Division of the commonplace.
  • Probate (wills and estates).
  • Donations.
  • Consumer and user rights.

Tax Laws

  • Planning with regard to taxation.
  • Continuous advice to companies and individuals in various tax areas.
  • Taxation of personal and family assets.
  • Management procedure, tax inspection and tax collection.
  • Disciplinary proceedings in tax matters.
  • Administrative, patrimonial responsibility of government, economic, administrative and litigation.

Criminal Laws

  • Attendance at the police station the prisoner.
  • Defense on trial for crime and / or lack.
  • Crimes against persons, the right to self-image, intimacy and honor: injuries, homicide, murder, domestic violence, female and male, processing of protective orders, restraining orders, burglary, slander, abuse of state civil .
  • Crimes against property: theft, robbery, extortion, fraud, real estate fraud, misappropriation, concealment of assets, damage .
  • Offences relating to intellectual property.
  • Offences relating to the market and consumers: misleading advertising, unfair competition.
  • Offences against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Offences against the administration of justice: prevarication, false testimony, cover-up.
  • Offences against the rights of workers and civil liability arising from accidents.
  • Crimes against Public Health: Drug trafficking, doping in sport.
  • Crimes against traffic safety: blood alcohol.
  • Crimes against the environment and natural resources.
  • Urban crimes.
  • Documentary Fraud: crimes of counterfeiting, forgery of public documents, official, commercial, office transmitted by telecommunication services, private documents, certificates, etc?
  • Complaints and disputes.

Work Laws

  • Records of employment regulation.
  • Dismissals disciplinary and collective goals.
  • End of contract Extinctions.
  • Extinction-will employment contract worker.
  • Claims for payment (wages, settlements, damages to work, wage differences ...)
  • Senior management.
  • Collective bargaining.
  • Recruitment.
  • A substantial change in working conditions, transfers, functions.
  • Social Security.
  • Socials conflicts (disputes, strikes)..
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Accidents at work.
  • Compensation systems.
  • Proceedings before the social courts in all instances.
  • Inspection of work.
  • Challenging work sanctions.
  • Processing and judicial claim contributory benefits / non-contributory.
  • Challenges to high medical.
  • Invalideces (partial, total, absolute, severe disability).

Administrative Laws

  • Defense against the initiation of administrative proceedings for punishment.
  • Administrative and Judicial Appeal of administrative sanctions.
  • Claims against the Administration property.
  • Filing and legal direction of administrative and administrative.