The experience and skill of a lawyer is priceless. Our rates are adjusted to what might reasonably be required by a service of excellent quality, made by professionals with an excellent level of preparation. We do not work with fixed rates in advance.

Attorneys' Fees in Spain are free. Every law firm has its price. There are some criteria Fees Bar Association of Barcelona, but they are only non-mandatory guidelines for Lawyers. This means that each attorney fees may differ.

Our commit.

We do not work with fixed rates in advance. We are fully aware that each case has its peculiarities, no procedure is equal to another. The deal is exclusive to the client and the study of his case and defend it. The experience and the care is what distinguishes us, and the results obtained.

Our work.

A well-run process to end in a satisfactory statement has to be treated with skill, responsibility, and total dedication, AG lawyers and understand. Our charges reflect the complexity of the case and the time required to solve it. We offer payment by installments, and adjust to what has been agreed with the customer.